Live Chanting Learning with
Triloknath Tripathi


Course 1

Devi Kawacham Chanting

Devi kavacham means an armour of goddess Durga is one of the auspicious amazing and powerful chant of 60 Sanskrit shlokas from Durga Saptshati a famous religious text. It has the power to transform your life from worst to the best !! It is helpful in abolishing the evil sprits and negative vibes around you and makes your presence worthy, powerful and graceful. Come learn and feel the difference!!

Course 2

Ganpati Aatharv sheersha-

Ganpati Atharvasheersha is one the

most beautiful sanskrit text and a minor upnishad have its roots from Atharva veda

It contains very deep meanings with the deeper knowledge which can only be experienced after learning and meditating on even a single word of it ,it can’t be expressed by just mere words!!

Course 3

Durga Saptashati

Also famous as Devi mahatamyam or

Chandi path have a total of 700 basicallyit is known for battle of goddess durga against different demons but it is more than just a story , divided into 13 mysterious chapter ,every chapter have a mystery behind it and every verse have different beautiful meanings within them ,when revealed will leaves you astonished!!

It can uplift the spirit within oneself and can create awareness about the demons within us !!!

Course 4

Bhagwad Gita

-The Gita is basically conversation between Pandav's Prince

Arjun and his charioteer lord Krishna at a glance but a source of learning for each and every individual on planet on the other hand.

It may seems difficult to you but it has answer of every single  difficulty one can face in life!!

Lord krishna gives the solution to whole human kind through his disciple Arjuna

Learning bhagavadgita shlokas with there meaning can be a mesmerizing experience for you!!