Pt. Triloknath Tripathi

“Pt Triloknath Tripathi ji is a software engineer by profession from PCCOE. College Pune, He is a spiritual mentor and an Inspiration for every age group seekers because of his Devotion and faith in divine.
He has completed his vedic studies in Shukla Yajurveda after 12 years of deep study and research in it under the canopy of his father Acharya Shaligram Tripathi
Pt. Triloknath is sharing his knowledge and devotion and teaching chanting’s of different holy scripts including Bhagwad Geeta, Devi kavach, Durga Saptashati , Upanishads, from last 7 years and have initiated approx 10,000 students into meditation and chanting till now. He has concluded numerous chanting courses for people till now with life transforming experiences for each one of them.