About me

Deepen your understanding of yoga
Develop a practice based (chanting) approach to learning the source texts of Yoga.

I am a Certified Meditation Instructor

“Pt Triloknath Tripathi ji is a software engineer graduated from PCCOE. College of Pune, he is also a spiritual mentor and an Inspiration for seekers of all age group.  

He has been under the guidance of his father Acharya Shaligram Tripathi studying Vedic scriptures.

He is associated as a teacher with the social organization Art of living established by H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji (ambassador of world peace) and contributing for the vision “stress free and addictions free society” by being a divine instrument.” 

Trilok has initiated thousands into meditation and chanting’s till now.

He has concluded numerous chanting courses for people till now with life transforming experiences for each one of them.  

Sharing wisdom

Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops

The Vedas are considered the source texts of Yoga and the store house of knowledge, which through study, practice, contemplation and understanding help us with a more complete yogic development. A practice based approach to studying the Vedas is the ancient art of Veda recitation.